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Awakened Beyond Anxiety

"Overcome anxiety by altering unconscious habits, lifting your vibrational energy, and harmonising with your Higher Self.

Discover a transformative approach with ‘Awakened Beyond Anxiety,’ a program designed not just to reduce anxiety but to reprogram the unconscious patterns that perpetuate it. You’ll learn to neutralise triggers, transforming your response to potential anxiety-inducing situations. The program, enriched with 12 targeted audio sessions, bi-monthly check-ins, and six months of post-program support, integrates mental well-being with spiritual growth and includes a vital connection with your Higher Self.

‘Awakened Beyond Anxiety’ offers more than just relief; it’s a toolkit for profound life change. It empowers you to reshape your worldview, elevate your vibration, and alter your thought processes. This journey guides you in changing your interaction with the world, breaking the anxiety cycle, and advancing your spiritual awakening. The skills and insights gained will lead you to a more serene, enlightened existence, abundant in tranquility and spiritual insight.

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Mental Wellbeing

Why Improve your Mental Wellbeing?

People we Have Helped

  • Karen Wilson
    11 months ago
    I can’t recommend Anne highly enough. My anxiety has reduced so dramatically since working with Anne that I feel like a different person, and I wish I had met her earlier. Anne has the loveliest manner, I truly felt valued and cared for and I...
  • Zoe P
    a year ago
    I had experienced a major injury & surgery and was having difficulty dealing with my pain and seeing a way forward. A friend recommended Anne to me and I’m so glad she did! Anne is a great listener, caring and intuitive and understood me and my...
  • Debbie Neal
    10 months ago
    I cannot speak highly enough of Anne. After suffering severe insomnia for 3 months, and already having tried different avenues, I decided to make an appointment with Anne. From the moment I spoke to her via phone, and then after meeting up with her,...
  • Keane Marsh
    a year ago
    When I first came to Anne I was in a constant state of anxiety and really lacked confidence. I kept attracting unhealthy relationships and had subconscious patterns and beliefs holding me back, causing me to lack confidence. I had spent years using...
  • Kaitlin C
    a year ago
    I have been working with Anne for 3 months to over come a needle phobia that I have had for my whole lifetime. Anne was great in teaching me how to get rid of these nasty thoughts! Through 3 sessions I am now able to successfully get a needle. This...
anne goodall
Anne Goodall

Meet your Therapist, Anne Goodall

Anne is a published Author and Therapist you has helped hundreds of people throughout the world escape the anxiety cycle.

““As a Hypnotherapist, I've realized that the roots of anxiety often lie deep within our unconscious mind. It's there that our entrenched beliefs, negative thought patterns, and habitual behaviors keep us trapped in cycles of worry and stress. In my program 'Awakened Beyond Anxiety,' I focus on delving into these subconscious layers. By employing techniques like Hypnosis, Time Line Therapy, and Quantum Healing, combined with insights from Past Life Regression, I guide my clients not just to alleviate anxiety but to transcend it. This approach paves the way for a life of true freedom and enriched quality, far beyond the confines of anxiety”.

How easy is it to re-program my Unconscious Mind?

You are always programming and re-programming your Unconscious Mind, every time you watch TV, go to the movies, read a book or have a conversation that has got meaning for you – you are re-programming your Unconscious Mind.

How long before I should expect to notice a difference?

Like most things we learn, everybody does things their own way – from my clinical experience you will notice a significant difference in 8 weeks, however lots of clients have experienced a significant improvement in a much shorter period of time.

Do I need to listen to the audios every day?

Ideally yes, my clients who get the best results do listen every day, however it is not unusual for people to skip some days / nights and still get an amazing result.

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Most people fear change, and even those who embrace change are sometimes reluctant to take the steps to take their life to the next level.  Learn how you can work with your Unconscious Mind to overcome the barriers to change.

  1. New Understanding of anxiety
  2. How Anxiety is created
  3. The role of the Unconscious Mind
  4. You can change
  5. Reprogram Your Unconscious Mind – audio 1

You cannot be anxious without spending at least part of your day or night worrying about things that haven’t even occurred.  Learn how to master that is part of your Unconscious Mind, so that you can break the cycle of worrying thoughts.

  1. Context versus Unconscious Mind
  2. Understanding the worrying part
  3. How we create parts
  4. Re-program Your Unconscious Mind – audio 2

Overthinking is a critical component of anxiety. How do you determine that you have thought about something enough? Typically you won’t, and very often your overthinking becomes bigger than the original problem.

  1. Resistance to change.
  2. How to master Over-thinking
  3. Re=program your Unconscious Mind = audio 

Overthinking is a critical component of anxiety. How do you determine that you have thought about something enough? Typically you won’t, and very often your overthinking becomes bigger than the original problem.

  1. Resistance to change.
  2. How to master Over-thinking
  3. Re=program your Unconscious Mind = audio 

When we are anxious, very often we are trying to control situations that are outside our realm of control, yet at the same time we negate how influential we can be in our lives.

  1. Commitment to change
  2. Understanding Locus of Control
  3. Personal responsibility
  4. Over responsibility
  5. Guilt
  6. Re-program your Unconscious Mind – audio 5.

If you are experiencing anxiety, there is a big chance that you do not like not knowing what is going to happen. You will learn

  1. You are not your thoughts
  2. Understanding Intolerance for Ambiguity
  3. Improved Risk Assessment
  4. Scripting
  5. Re-program your Unconscious Mind – audio 6

Avoidance is not what causes anxiety but it can keep us stuck in the anxiety cycle. Learn:

  1. How avoidance impacts anxiety
  2. Intolerance for discomfort
  3. How Avoidance leads to panic attacks
  4. Re-program your Unconscious Mind – audio 7

Since we have been in school, we are trained to be rewarded and acknowledged when we get things right, this programming can lead to us having unrealistic high expectations on self. Learn

  1. Re-defining perfectionism
  2. Ensuring your expectations are realistic
  3. Acknowledging our ego
  4. Re-program your Unconscious Mind – audio 8

One of our biggest killers of our dreams in our adversity and concern about how others will perceive us.  Learn

  1. Judgement explained.
  2. Haing a bad day
  3. Ho ‘opon opono
  4. Re-program your Unconscious Mind – audio 9

One of the leading causes of anxiety is our habit of taking on too much          responsibility, taking on too many tasks at the cost of causing us stress, exhaustion, worry and sometimes even resentment. Learn

  1. Why it’s essential to learn to say NO.
  2. The magic word
  3. Tips of managing conflict
  4. Box Breathing
  5. Re-program your Unconscious Mind – audio 10

Have you ever noticed that sometimes you can start a new project or exercise regime with great enthusiasm only to give it up before you get the desires result. Learn:

  1. The role of our ego
  2. Perception is Projection
  3. Creating a Focus List
  4. The power of Meditation
  5. Re-program your Unconscious Mind – audio 11

Now, that you have the tools to reduce your anxiety, how do you keep moving forward. Learn:

  1. Anxiety is temporary
  2. Finding the gift in things that go wrong
  3. Your only responsibility
  4. Re-program your Unconscious Mind – audio 12.