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The Intuitive Weight Loss Program

This is my flagstone program – there is almost nothing in the world that I am more passionate about than helping you fall back in love with your body and at the same time create a healthy relationship with food.

To me this is such a challenge for so many people, it was a huge challenge for me from having began my dieting journey in my teenage years to developing bulimia in my early twenties.  I studied nutrition, worked in the weight loss industry but still struggled with my body, I was a size 16 to 18 and I hated it.

For me all of that was a journey, over that time I discovered two very important things, I learnt the power of hypnosis due to it having helped me massively reduce my anxious tendencies and I also learnt that Intuitive eating was the golden ticket that I had been looking for.  This is what has led me to work on and create The Intuitive Weight Loss program, this program has been in the making now for many years in clinic and has been fine tuned to reach a stage where I am comfortable to make this program available on a worldwide scale.

So, what to do now!

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