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Meet Anne Goodall

Clinical Hypnotherapist on the Sunshine Coast.

You are more powerful than you realise

I had no idea that this is not how it works with anxiety, I guess I thought that one day it would miraculously disappear on its own.  However, anxiety does quite the opposite, left unresolved. It slowly gets worse and eventually it erodes our quality of life little bit by little bit.

Fastrack to approximately 10  years ago, I was losing the battle with anxiety, I had tried almost everything but I couldn’t get a handle on it.  I was desperate, I put out a huge cry for help from whatever you wish to call it, some people will say Universe, others will say God, it doesn’t matter the label as I was desperate for a resolution.

My resolution came in a very surprising manner.  I chose to go to a workshop in Sydney which as it turns out was going to include some group work that would involve my unconscious mind.  I wasn’t expecting a change, I just thought that I would give it a try. I had a significant shift in my mindset, I wanted more and so I went and did a coaching course with the workshop facilitator.

Since then I have since gone and extended my qualifications to include a Master Practitioner in NLP and Timeline Therapy.  I have got qualifications in Strategic Psychotherapy and Clinical Hypnosis with the Institute of Applied Psychology.  However, most importantly I have helped hundreds of people create a strong mindset and get out of the flunk of stress, anxiety and more.  I have published my first book, did keynote speeches and ultimately helped a huge array of people live their best life.

You see, you don’t need to have anxiety to benefit from my work, you just need to want to have a stronger mindset and be willing to put in some effort like listening to a nightly audio and do some tasking that will get you on your path to achieve your version of greatness.

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