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Meet Anne Goodall

Clinical Hypnotherapist on the Sunshine Coast.

A Soul’s Journey from knowing to growing

Hi, my name is Anne Goodall I am an author and spiritual facilitator dedicated to guiding souls to their highest potential. I teach the art of connecting with our higher selves, releasing past conditioning, and healing energy fields through Quantum Healing and Hypnosis.


Early Childhood Connection: My journey in this lifetime began with a deep spiritual awareness as a child. I always felt different, aware that I could connect directly to God/Creator/Source without external assistance. This awareness grew when I turned 11, as I developed a keen interest in reincarnation, a belief that starkly contrasted with my Catholic family’s views.

Spiritual Dormancy: As I grew older, I experienced a period of spiritual dormancy, conforming to societal norms. In the corporate world, I was the epitome of a successful executive – outwardly content but internally conflicted.

Reawakening & Transition: A pivotal moment in my life occurred at 25 when my first marriage ended, unexpectedly reigniting my spiritual path, which I have since wholeheartedly embraced. Then, at 31, a profound realisation struck me – I was living a life shaped by others’ expectations. This led me to extensive travel and eventually settling in Australia.

Finding the gift in life’s struggles: During my mid-twenties, I battled significant anxiety and an eating disorder. It was through these challenges that I discovered Hypnosis and Timeline Therapy, starting a journey of healing. This inspired me to train in these therapies, with the goal of assisting others facing similar struggles.

Becoming a Healing Practitioner: For the past eight years, I have been practising as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, incorporating Past Life Regression and Quantum Healing. I have helped hundreds of clients one-on-one with issues such as anxiety, depression, and challenges related to food and alcohol.

Core Realisation: I have discovered that a few obstacles can cause not only high levels of stress and anxiety but also prevent people from reaching their highest potential. These include not realising our true power, not being in regular contact with our higher selves, and having past conditioning that resides at the unconscious level. As Dr. Wayne Dyer famously said, ‘There is a spiritual solution to every problem’.

Guiding Client Empowerment: Hence, my approach focuses on guiding people to reconnect with their soul essence, become conscious of their soul contracts and life lessons, and shed the limitations imposed by past conditioning. My teachings empower individuals to rediscover their true identity, establish a consistent connection with their higher consciousness, and liberate themselves from unseen influences.

Pathways to Conscious Evolution: Today, I lead programs aimed at conscious evolution, addressing issues like anxiety and depression, and providing tools for conscious life creation. I firmly believe that spiritual evolution and living in higher consciousness don’t require isolation or decades of learning. To me, spirituality and higher consciousness are integral to daily life, from interactions in local shops to learning non-judgment towards neighbours.

If you feel hindered by old beliefs and not reaching your full potential, I would be honoured to guide you in consciously creating your life.




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🌱 My Personal Food Journey:

Growing up taller and more prominent than my peers, I was prone to misunderstand my body. Though I wasn’t overweight as a child, puberty’s onset brought a significant weight gain. By the age of 16, dieting had become a solution presented to me—creating a tumultuous relationship with food and my body that chipped away at my self-esteem. Unhealthy practices, such as forceful food removal through vomiting and laxatives, marred my early twenties. I moved from one diet to another, trapped in a cycle that neither brought satisfaction nor sustainable results. After my first marriage ended at 27, I temporarily lost weight. It was a dark joke of mine that every cloud has a silver lining—yet the cycle of weight gain resumed shortly after.

Even when travelling and seeing unique places, I still struggled with how I felt about my body. It knocked my confidence, and it affected who I was with and the choices I made. The photo on the left is from when I was 33, at my going away drinks in Ireland – back when I was a chronic dieter. The picture on the right shows me over 20 years later – an Intuitive Eater – I have lost weight and kept it off for years with absolute ease. This is the POWER OF INTUITIVE EATING!

When I moved from Ireland to Australia to study naturopathy, the paradox was striking: Here I was, immersing myself in nutrition and working for a leading Australian shakes company, but still caught in the maze of weight struggle. I had an epiphany while managing a bustling centre—serving up to 250 clients every Saturday. It wasn’t just me grappling with recurring weight gain; this was a systemic issue affecting people of all backgrounds and ages. It’s hard to imagine precisely ‘why’, but I still believed in diets even after seeing these results.

When life throws you a curve ball...

Around this time something big happened that made me stop and rethink everything. First, when my youngest was just a toddler, I got this phone call that flipped my world upside down. I found out I had Stage II Melanoma. Just like that, I was devastated to think that I had been ‘bagging out’ my body all those years, and now maybe it wouldn’t be around anymore. I clearly remember standing in front of the mirror and promising myself to stop this ‘body punishment’, stop this crazy dieting and look for a new way of living.

A huge Aha moment:

The second eye-opener was this chat I had with a friend in Sydney. She said, “All my friends are always on diets and still unhappy with their appearance. Me? I’ve never dieted, and I’m good with my weight.” That comment hit me like a ton of bricks. It was like she just handed me the missing piece of a puzzle I didn’t even know I was solving.

Hearing that diets don’t work was like, “Wait, what?” I had always thought weight loss would be guaranteed if we could find the ‘perfect diet’. But I was wrong; once that idea sunk in, it was going on the diet that was the problem; there was no going back. So, I started doing some homework. And you know what I found? Diets are a big scam. You drop a few pounds, but they always find their way back. The kicker? Most of us blame ourselves when the diet goes south, not realising the whole thing’s set up to make us return for more.

What I do today...

Fast forward to today, and I’ve been working as a Clinical Hypnotherapist since 2016.

I help people become intuitive eaters, lose weight, reduce anxiety, and transform negative self-talk. It never fails to amaze me how a person can change the foods they desire, the amount of water they drink, and their genuine desire to do small amounts of daily exercise, all due to doing hypnosis.

My personal life

There are a few things I’m genuinely passionate about helping others find the freedom to enjoy life without the constant worry about food, cherishing moments with my family, and living life to its fullest. I’m a proud mum to three teenage girls and a wife to my husband, Nige.

I’ve been fortunate to connect with so many incredible individuals throughout my journey. I genuinely believe we’re on this earth to learn, grow, and enjoy every moment. Let me guide you in finding that freedom in your life.

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I regularly share insight, knowledge and tools on to how to make your life easier, more productive and less stressful. I would love to connect with you.

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