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The Body Recipe – Premium version: More than weight loss- it’s about sustained results and habits that stand test of time.  Our hypnotherapy techniques guide you towards healthier choices, intuitive eating, and a future-proofed approach to nourishing your body and soul.

Why use Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss?

Have you ever munched on a snack and barely realised it until you reached the bottom of the bag? We all have those moments where we’re on autopilot with our eating.  Or you’ve had one of those days when you’re feeling down or just plain bored, and suddenly, you’re in the kitchen searching for comfort. That’s a habit of talking.

And let’s be honest – how often have you promised yourself a fresh start on Monday, only to find yourself off track by Wednesday? That’s because most of our eating habits aren’t about food; they’re deep-seated patterns in our minds.  That’s where hypnotherapy comes in. You already know what you should be eating. But hypnotherapy helps break those automatic habits and patterns that drive us to make choices we later regret. In short, it helps reset your food “autopilot” to a healthier and more conscious path.

Why did I create The Body Recipe Program?


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The 'Body Recipe' Program: What's Included?

Diving Deep into Your Eating Habits: We will unpack your daily eating patterns. By understanding your current habits, we’ll pinpoint areas of change that will guide your body towards natural weight loss.

  • Breaking the Dieting Cycle: Get ready to uncover why most diets are a recipe for disappointment. I’ll shed light on the pitfalls of dieting and guide you on how to steer clear of the yo-yo dieting trap. Our tailored audio session will empower you to stay away from old dieting mindsets.
  • The Five Pillars of Eating: Did you know there are five main reasons we reach for food, yet only one truly nourishes us? This week, you’ll gain insights into the triggers behind ‘mindless eating.’ And with our specialised audio guide, embark on a journey to eat primarily for genuine hunger.
  • Decoding Intuitive Eating: This isn’t about eating everything and anything. It’s about understanding and responding to your body’s actual needs. On “The Body Program,” we harness hypnosis to train your mind to align with genuine hunger cues, granting you true food freedom.
  • Your Personalised Body Recipe: Weight loss isn’t about a single magic solution; it’s a combination of multiple minor adjustments to your lifestyle, habits, and mindset. In our program, we’ll collaboratively craft a unique “recipe” tailored just for you, ensuring sustained weight loss that seamlessly integrates into your daily life.
  • Food and Our Self-talk: Delve into how our inner dialogue affects our eating choices and patterns. Discover strategies to shift negative self-talk into empowering food narratives.
  • Understanding the Hunger Scale: Gain clarity on distinguishing between true hunger, emotional hunger, and satiety. Learn to use the hunger scale to help you make balanced eating decisions.
  • Real Food vs. Fake Food: Unmask the differences between wholesome, nourishing foods and processed alternatives. Learn to make choices that support your body’s needs.
  • The Power of Your Unconscious Mind: Uncover your unconscious mind’s vital role in shaping your eating habits and overall relationship with food.
  • Audio Sessions: Enhance your journey with guided audio sessions focusing on:
    • Self-talk around Food: Reinforce positive narratives and break free from limiting beliefs.
    • Mastering the Hunger Scale: Practical exercises to help you tune into your body’s signals.


  • Discovering Your Food Story: Childhood plays a pivotal role in shaping our food habits. If you grew up with dieting parents or those who indulged without restraint, it influences your approach to food. Remember being given sugar when you had a minor accident as a child? Such instances link your unconscious mind, associating specific foods with comfort or relief. It’s time to unravel these early impressions and reshape your food narrative.
  • Combatting Body Inflammation: Inflammation can be a silent aggressor in our bodies. Learn about its ties to the foods we eat and how, by making informed choices, you can reduce inflammation and pave the way for better overall health.
  • Audio Session: Tackling Emotional Eating: This transformative audio experience guides you in addressing and overcoming the tendency to turn to food for emotional solace. Reconnect with your emotions without resorting to food and discover healthier coping mechanisms.) – Ask Anne.

Embracing Your Natural Size: Our bodies lean toward a specific size for optimum health. As you delve deeper into the program, you’ll witness a transformation. Your eating habits will align with this natural set point, promoting a healthy body stature.

Escaping the “All or Nothing” Trap: Are you familiar with the cycle of strict dieting followed by uninhibited indulgence? This on-off relationship with food, known as the ‘All or Nothing’ mindset, can be disruptive. We’ll address this, guiding you towards a balanced, moderate approach to eating.

The Sugar Struggle: Modern diets are riddled with hidden sugars. While minimizing processed food consumption can significantly enhance health, attempting this through sheer willpower often leads to setbacks. With “The Body Recipe”, we’ll subtly recalibrate your mind. You’ll naturally gravitate towards nutritious choices, effortlessly sidelining sugary temptations.

Revolutionising Exercise Habits: Gyms offer myriad of benefits, from cardiovascular fitness to muscle building. Yet, commitment can waver, with memberships underused. What if a mere 10 minutes of daily exercise could profoundly impact your well-being? With “The Body Recipe,” we harness your subconscious, instilling an innate desire to stay active.

Overcoming Perfectionism: Perfection isn’t the goal, progress is. By shedding the burden of unrealistic standards, you embrace the journey, valuing each step taken towards a healthier you.

Setting Achievable Targets: Hopes too high or too low can lead to disappointment or complacency. Having realistic expectations is vital to maintain motivation and witness steady progress.

Audio: Embracing the Unfamiliar – Recognise that every behaviour is rooted in a strategy, even when it feels counterintuitive.

Tackling Impatience: In our instant gratification world, patience can wane, especially with personal transformation. Discover how to cultivate patience, recognizing that meaningful change is a marathon, not a sprint.

Unpacking Strategies: Every behaviour, every choice, and misstep comes from a strategy. Dive deep into understanding these strategies and learn how to tweak them to serve your goals best.

Cortisol’s Role in Fat Retention: Uncover how cortisol, the stress hormone, can be an unexpected obstacle in your weight loss journey and why managing it is crucial. You will provide an audio covering the main factors needed to reduce stress in everyday life.

Mastering Stress Reduction: Empower yourself with practical techniques to manage and reduce stress, fostering weight loss and overall well-being.

Own Your Journey: Grasp the empowering realisation that while caring for others is valuable, taking responsibility for your well-being is paramount. Recognise that your body’s current state reflects your past emotional and physical choices, and seize the reins of your health journey.

Dine Out, Stress-Free: Whether on holiday or just a night out, discover effective strategies to enjoy your meals, relish the experience, and make wise choices without worrying about gaining unwanted weight.

Thinking Like a Winner: Just as Olympic athletes train with the expectation of victory, and footballers play with the belief in their team’s success, you need to adopt the mindset of the person you want to become. Before you see the changes, start expecting them. This week, we’ll emphasize cultivating an anticipatory mindset to manifest your health objectives.

Liver Love: Dive into understanding the pivotal role your liver plays in your health and how it affects your weight journey. Learn ways to support and care for this vital organ.

Letting Go of Anger: Harboring anger can harm our mental well-being and physical health unearth techniques to release pent-up anger, foster inner peace and aid your weight loss journey.

Mastering Internal Control: While we can’t influence every external event, we can shape our reactions. This week, we’ll dive into recognizing what’s truly within our control and equip ourselves with tools beyond food to cope with life’s uncertainties.

Not Taking Things Personally: It’s a natural human instinct to feel hurt when we sense rejection or negativity. However, personalizing every interaction can be draining and may lead us to seek solace in food. Together, we’ll explore techniques to discern when to take things to heart and when to let go, understanding that we can’t be everyone’s best friend.

Audio: Building Resilience and Detachment – Immerse in strategies that promote a balanced emotional response to external stimuli, helping you remain grounded without resorting to emotional eating.

Empowerment Through Boundaries: Prioritising oneself isn’t selfish; it’s self-care. Often, we’re caught in the trap of people-pleasing, leaving our needs unmet. This week, we focus on the power of “no” — giving you the permission and tools to set healthy boundaries. By understanding that saying yes to everyone often means saying no to yourself, we’ll practice the balance of service to others and self-nourishment.

Releasing the past: Our past can weigh heavily on our present, with guilt being a frequent emotional burden. Dwelling on past regrets hampers our emotional well-being and can lead us to seek comfort in food. Together, we’ll journey through acknowledging past missteps, releasing their emotional grip, and moving forward with lessons rather than burdens.

Audio: Letting Go and Embracing Now – Dive into strategies for living in the present moment, free from the chains of past regrets and equipped with tools for healthy decision-making moving forward.

Embracing Self-Love: Self-love is the key to success. Body acceptance isn’t conditional on a number on the scale or a dress size. The journey to sustainable weight management is rooted in this profound love for oneself. Throughout our program, we’ve woven this sentiment, but this week, we focus on it intently. We’ll nurture an understanding that cherishing oneself at every step of the journey is foundational for true transformation.

Success is a Strategy:  Every choice and every habit we adopt contributes to the eventual outcome. Old patterns might have brought challenges, but as you embrace new, healthier habits with the guidance of The Body Recipe, you set the stage for enduring positive change.

Audio: Sustaining New Habits – Dive into understanding the power of repetition and persistence. Equip yourself with strategies to consistently practice your new habits, leading you to the desired results.

People We Have Helped

  • Debbie Neal
    9 months ago
    I cannot speak highly enough of Anne. After suffering severe insomnia for 3 months, and already having tried different avenues, I decided to make an appointment with Anne. From the moment I spoke to her via phone, and then after meeting up with her,...
  • Karen Wilson
    9 months ago
    I can’t recommend Anne highly enough. My anxiety has reduced so dramatically since working with Anne that I feel like a different person, and I wish I had met her earlier. Anne has the loveliest manner, I truly felt valued and cared for and I...
  • Karyna Jansons (KJ91)
    11 months ago
    I recently had a past-life regression session with Anne, which I can only say was amazing! Anne holds such a beautiful, safe and supportive space and I left that session feeling so much lighter, like something at a deep level had fundamentally...
  • Zoe P
    11 months ago
    I had experienced a major injury & surgery and was having difficulty dealing with my pain and seeing a way forward. A friend recommended Anne to me and I’m so glad she did! Anne is a great listener, caring and intuitive and understood me and my...
  • Keane Marsh
    a year ago
    When I first came to Anne I was in a constant state of anxiety and really lacked confidence. I kept attracting unhealthy relationships and had subconscious patterns and beliefs holding me back, causing me to lack confidence. I had spent years using...

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anne goodall
Anne Goodall

Meet your Therapist, Anne Goodall

Anne is a published Author and Therapist who has helped hundreds of people throughout the world re-program their unconscious mind using the power of hypnosis.

"Because I have had my own struggles with over-eating , binge eating, yo-yo dieting and poor body image, I understand that impact that this way of thinking has on our self-esteem. I truely love helping people get out of the diet prison, create a new relationship with food and fall back in love with their body"

How easy is it to re-program my Unconscious Mind?

You are always programming and re-programming your Unconscious Mind, every time you watch TV, go to the movies, read a book or have a conversation that has got meaning for you – you are re-programming your Unconscious Mind.

Can I loose weight on Intuitive Eating?

Intuitive Eating – made easy is NOT a diet program.  It is essential that you put aside your desire to loose weight and learn how to create a new relationship with food and your body.  This naturally means that ultimately your body will become it’s ideal weight and size.

Can I eat what I want when I want to?

When you learn to intuitive eat, you will learn to eat when you are physically hungry and most likely find that you will naturally want to eat less.

Most people when they begin the path of Intuitive Eating, get really scared that if they let go of their food rules that they will become obese.  I have found that the opposite result occurs, when you give your body permission to eat what it desires, the need for ‘naughty’ foods begins to dramatically reduce.  As humans we are programmed to desire what we cant have, when we change this at an unconscious level, your relationship with food will permanently change.