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The Key Benefits of Online Hypnosis

Online Hypnotherapy has become more popular since the advent of Covid-19, however I had been conducting online hypnosis sessions from my Wollongong Clinic for more than 12 months prior to the pandemic.  Being previously based in Wollongong, several of my clients were from the Sydney region and hence I was fortunate to have experience running online hypnosis sessions long before the clinics were put into lockdown. 

The main question I get asked is “Does it really work online?” and the truth is “Yes”, 100% no difference.  The reason for this is that the main work that I do is reprogramming your unconscious mind and the bulk of that happens while you listen to your audios between sessions, my clients having been going into hypnosis and trance at home since I started my clinic back in 2016.  Online hypnosis is real, effective, saves time and money on travel and is highly desirable for anybody working from home or for anybody wanting to work with a specific therapist that otherwise wouldn’t have been possible due to location limitations.

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Evolve Your Anxious Brain

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What do you need to do online hypnosis?

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Anne Goodall
anne goodall

Meet your Therapist, Anne Goodall

Anne is a published Author and Therapist you has helped hundreds of people throughout the world escape the anxiety cycle, improve their relationship with food and get out of troublesome obsessions.

“Being able to work with people all over the world is one of the biggest benefits of being able to offer online hypnosis session. Originally, I didn’t really know if the results would be the same that I was experiencing in clinic, however it absolutely opened my mind, if anything the feedback from clients is that they prefer doing online hypnosis from the comfort of their own homes, especially after they have experienced the first session.”.

Why is online hypnotherapy as effective as hypnosis in a clinical seting?

To understand this, we first got to look at what is a hypnosis session.  A Hypnosis session is the Therapist asking the client some questions, then placing the client in trance and reprogramming their unconscious mind.

There is no real difference asking questions online versus in clinic.  The real success of the sessions depends both on the ability of the Therapist and the desire of the client the get the results coupled with the clients willingness to do tasking and listen to the audios between the sessions.

In reality, the real change happens when the client listens to the audios between the sessions and hence most of the trance states and going into hypnosis will be happening in the clients home regardless of how or where they see their Therapist.

What happens if the internet connection fails?

I will have your phone number, I will call you and you will wake up.  There is nothing bad or dangerous that can happen to you, because this is your home, your safe space and hence you get to control your environment.

Do I need to listen to the audios every day?

Ideally yes, my clients who get the best results do listen every day, however it is not unusual for people to skip some days / nights and still get an amazing result.