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The Intuitive Weight Loss Program

How does it all work?

Welcome to my absolute favourite program ‘The Intuitive Weight Loss Program’, this program is my flagstone project for one of many reasons however the main one being my own journey. As a young teenager I was a chronic dieter and in my 20’s I ended up becoming bulimic and really struggled with my body and weight. Even in my 30’s and early 40’s I was working as a nutritionist and in the diet industry and I was still struggling with my body. I was either on or off of a diet and had a terrible relationship with food.

For me, getting out of that diet cycle did take time and effort but through a relentless search I discovered intuitive eating.  Around this time I was also struggling with anxiety, which would come and go depending on life circumstances.  Having found that hypnosis was so powerful as means of getting out of anxiety, over time I realised that I could use hypnotic techniques to change my mindset around food.  This is what has led to the evolution of this program.

Why is this program different than others?

This way of losing weight stays off permanently and due to this reason is again my favourite program I offer. The next step then is helping someone fall in love with their body and the impacts that those lost 10-20KG have on a person’s self-esteem. I truly believe that this is the best weight loss option on the market, and it is available in two ways. You can work with me on a one to one basis, or you can join our next group session where you will experience a change right after our first audio. 

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The ‘Addictions No More’ Program

How does it all work?

The addictions no more programs have come about like the other programs through experiences with one-on-one clients. I cover a vast spread of addictions from alcohol, sugar, coco cola, gambling, marijuana, cocaine, and sometimes sexual addictions.

If you have been down the road of gambling, alcohol, drugs or sugar addictions and find yourself thinking “I’ll give up on Monday”, “this will be the last time”, “one more win” or “one more bottle” and then find yourself back in the same cycle… I would love to work with you.

If that is you and you are looking for real change then click here to learn more.

The ‘Freedom from Anxiety’ Program

How does it all work?

What is the freedom from anxiety program?  This program commenced in 2019 and has helped hundreds of people master their anxiety.  The most common pattern I have found in clinic is not what most people think. Most people come to see me and believe that their anxiety is caused by triggers in their life for example it might be someone’s job, or husband or other family member that is causing them to have anxious thoughts. 

However, it is not the triggers that require adjustment but rather a person’s unconscious thought processes around the situation that need to be changed.  If you have been experiencing anxiety now for a prolonged period of time, maybe you have tried talk therapies but are still struggling. 

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