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The Depression Solution

Learn how to reduce your depressive symptoms using Hypnosis & Quantum Healing

Feeling depressed is certainly not how anybody wants to spend their day.  When we are depressed we tend to want to block out the world, everything can seem too difficult and the more we think about our life and our situation the more we get stuck in our thinking.  It’s not uncommon to either find oneself thinking about something that happened in the past and getting stuck in a loop or maybe just finding it difficult to find anything in the future that brings a sense of joy.

The Depression Solution program was created from both having trained at The Institute of Psychology in Sydney under the mentorship of Gordon Young, who has developed a training program based on the work of Dr Michael Yapko, a renowned Clinical  Psychologist who has spend over 40 years working with depression.  My training expereince working with clients for many years in clinic has led me to understand depression at a deeper level.  Depression when working with the unconscious mind requires a clinician to understand the thought processes that are keeping people stuck in a cycle.  

Depression although correlated with anomalies in brain chemistry also has programs at the level of the subconscious mind that need to be addressed. It can be useful to do this program and at the same time work with a practitioner that ensures adequate levels of appropriate nutrients are also present to assist with the biochemistry of Depression.   Mind programs prominent with depression include but not limited to emotional overthinking, having a sense of despair, feelings of powerlessness, lack of strategy to implement change avoidance and having an overwhelming sense of sadness.

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Why Improve your Mental Wellbeing?

People we Have Helped

  • Debbie Neal
    9 months ago
    I cannot speak highly enough of Anne. After suffering severe insomnia for 3 months, and already having tried different avenues, I decided to make an appointment with Anne. From the moment I spoke to her via phone, and then after meeting up with her,...
  • Karen Wilson
    9 months ago
    I can’t recommend Anne highly enough. My anxiety has reduced so dramatically since working with Anne that I feel like a different person, and I wish I had met her earlier. Anne has the loveliest manner, I truly felt valued and cared for and I...
  • Karyna Jansons (KJ91)
    11 months ago
    I recently had a past-life regression session with Anne, which I can only say was amazing! Anne holds such a beautiful, safe and supportive space and I left that session feeling so much lighter, like something at a deep level had fundamentally...
  • Zoe P
    11 months ago
    I had experienced a major injury & surgery and was having difficulty dealing with my pain and seeing a way forward. A friend recommended Anne to me and I’m so glad she did! Anne is a great listener, caring and intuitive and understood me and my...
  • Keane Marsh
    a year ago
    When I first came to Anne I was in a constant state of anxiety and really lacked confidence. I kept attracting unhealthy relationships and had subconscious patterns and beliefs holding me back, causing me to lack confidence. I had spent years using...
anne goodall
Anne Goodall

Meet your Therapist, Anne Goodall

Anne is a published Author and Therapist you has helped hundreds of people throughout the world escape the anxiety cycle.

Because we are busy people – I believe you should be able to easily access resources that improve your mental wellbeing, anytime, anywhere regardless of where you are located in the world.  Hence, our programs are available via an App and / or Web based – ensuring you can improve you mood day or night without ever having to wait for the next available appointment.

How easy is it to re-program my Unconscious Mind?

You are always programming and re-programming your Unconscious Mind, every time you watch TV, go to the movies, read a book or have a conversation that has got meaning for you – you are re-programming your Unconscious Mind.

How long before I should expect to notice a difference?

Like most things we learn, everybody does things their own way – from my clinical experience you will notice a significant difference in 8 weeks, however lots of clients have experienced a significant improvement in a much shorter period of time.

Do I need to listen to the audios every day?

Ideally yes, my clients who get the best results do listen every day, however it is not unusual for people to skip some days / nights and still get an amazing result.


The truthful answer is ‘no’ you don’t have to have depression for the rest of your life.  Depression has many causative factors depending on whose philosophy you choose to adopt.  One of the key causes of depression is how you think, and this is how this program will assist you.  You will learn how to change your thoughts, we will work together using Quantum healing and Hypnosis to clear those feelings of deep sadness.  You will also find yourself looking at the events in your life through a different lense.  In addition, if you have any nutritional deficiencies, you can combine this work with an Integrative Doctor to ensure you are working at both the level of the physical, mental and emotional level.

The truthful answer to this question is that absolutely nobody can ever know 100% if something works for them if they don’t partake in it.  What you will be aware of is that if you don’t do something different then you are most likely not going to get a different result. 

I know from Clinical experience that I have worked with many people over the years who have had depression for a very long time and genuinely felt like they were not curable.  What I do know is that combining Clinical Hypnosis with Quantum Healing is a very powerful combination that works at a much deeper level than the type of work that gets done by standard talk therapies.  When you work with me you are not signing up for some lock-in contract, we work together session by session and as you will the changes, we space out sessions until you are in the headspace that requires no more therapy.

In short the answer is yes, absolutely.  As we work together you will be listening to an audio every night / day which will be re-programming your mind.  It’s not unusual when a person has depression that they don’t feel like taking action, that they keep putting things off that need to be done.

As part of the program we will break down the tasks that you need / want to do and as your mindset improves you will be able to a small amount of tasking each week, which will lead to not just feeling motivated but ultimately feel inspired to take action.

Yes, we will use Quantum Healing to assist with removing the emotions from your body.  It’s not unusual for a person to have a significant shift of energy after the first / second session.  This does not mean that you will never feel appropriate sadness in the future, but it does mean that you won’t be feeling weighed down with a sense of heaviness or deep sadness without having any particular reason for feeling this.

Hypnotherapy assist’s with alleviating depressive symptoms by working at the level of the unconscious mind.  We all have had events in our lives that have sometimes sent us into a spiral, and for lots of people they can overcome these events over time.  However, for others certain moments in time, certain decisions that have been made in the past tend to get stuck in their thought processes.  Sometimes it can be something that happened at work, or it can be our childhood or any other event that has not been healed.

These situations cannot be changed as they occurred in the past, which of course we cannot change.  Our power lies in how we begin to change how we think about these events.  In reality this may seem like a simple process to overcome, however most of what we hold onto resides at the level of our subconscious mind.  Hypnosis enables us to access our subconscious and unconscious belief patterns and recurrent thoughts and change them into a manner that helps us deal much better with our day to day life.

Quantum Healing assists with depression by working on your energy field.  The basis of Quantum Healing is that we are all ultimately energy that vibrates at different levels.  When we are vibrating at at the emotional level of sadness which is ultimately the core emotional level of depression, then our energy is lower than ideal and consequently based on the Universal law of like attracts like, we are more likely to encounter other sad events and people who are vibrating at a similar frequency.

Quantum healing through a process known as ‘The Universal Freedom Technique’ will enable you to clear that energy out of your energy field within a session.  This process enable you to get the deeper learnings regarding situations while at the same time releasing the energy.  Clients regularly describe feeling like something major has shifted, feeling lighter and more importantly feel significantly more optimistic than prior to the session.

Yes, your decision to take medication is a decision that is strictly based between you and your licensed medical professional.  Any decision to reduce medication MUST be done under your Doctor’s supervision.  This program will work at improving your mood, your thought processes and your overall wellbeing.  Should you decide to reduce medication, it absolutely must be done with the knowledge and support of your Doctor.