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Anne Goodall has just created an online clinic that works with people all over the globe.  This clinic will be running both one to one and group hypnosis sessions and will also have some self-paced learning options. Since 2016 Anne has owned a busy hypnotherapy clinic in Wollongong, NSW.

Anne has helped hundreds of people get out of anxiety and lose weight that they had attempted to get rid of unsuccessfully using other therapies. 

Client Referrals

“I want to thank Anne for her expertise in hypnotherapy and her insight on so many levels in mind , body and soul. I have experienced many years with anxiety, trauma , childhood issues. I now feel free from the bondage of the past . Thank you Anne from my heart and soul.” - Maree C

“Working with Anne has been a blessing! A few months ago, I had hit a pretty low point in my life as a result of my poor relationship with food and issues with body image. For as long as I can remember, I have had disordered eating patterns and dieted for most of my teenage years. Now I am 22, and through hypnotherapy, Anne has guided and given me all the tools to become an intuitive eater. Anne helped me and I really believe she can help others who are having similar issues too. I also believe Anne came into my life for this reason and I will be forever grateful that she did. From the bottom of my heart, thank you Anne!” - Molly W

“Thank you Anne for the sessions of hypnotherapy that we have worked together on. I felt so at ease and my programme was individualised. Anne is such a wonderful listener. Anne has a wonderful ability to understand and guide you to make positive changes in your life. I highly recommend Anne to anyone who is seeking to enhance their life.” - Lorretta G

If you experience anxiety, addiction, struggle with your body weight or are simply looking to improve self-esteem.

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Tuesday – 9AM-6PM
Wednesday – 9AM-5PM
Thursday – 9AM-6PM
Friday – 9AM-5PM